We’ve all been hearing the word IMPEACH a lot lately via the media with regards to American politics and, in particular, the presidency of Donald Trump. To impeach a holder of public office in the US is akin to charging them with a misconduct crime. Once impeached (charged), the public official is subject to a legislative vote and if convicted (a 2/3rds vote in the Senate in favour of impeachment in Mr. Trump’s case), they are removed from office.

The word impeach also has a very important role and meaning in family law and civil trials during the cross-examination of witnesses before a judge and/or jury, in BC. To impeach a witness is to call into question the integrity or truthfulness of their testimony. This is the ultimate goal of the lawyer conducting the cross-examination – to have the witness’ testimony come across as untruthful, full of lies. Needless to say, cases often turn and are decided on the basis of witnesses being impeached, something that usually only happens in devastating ways when a highly skilled and talented trial lawyer is at work.

If you are wondering if your family law lawyer or your civil law lawyer has what it takes to effectively impeach a witness and cause the other parties’ case to go into the toilet, make sure to attend your lawyer’s examination for discovery / questioning / deposition of all other parties and witnesses prior to trial. Well these pre-trial preparation steps are less formal than a trial, they are conducted under oath or affirmation before a court reporter and are recorded, and they should give you a good idea of your lawyer’s skill level and hopefully leave you feeling increasingly confident in your case and legal team.

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