Stacy Maurier

Stacy Maurier

Stacy Maurier has joined HART Legal Edmonton and is available to help with your real estate, estate, and wills legal questions.

Specialization will lawyers doesn’t seem to exist anymore. However, Stacy Maurier is a throwback to an old era. She prides herself on only drafting wills and estate documents, but can also incorporate a company, create unanimous share agreements, handle real estate transactions, and litigate if need be. Focusing on specific areas of law allows Stacy to take care of her clients in a very specific way. It also allows her to take care of issues that come up during the estate, probate, or litigation process.

When Stacy was 12 years old, she decided she wanted to be a lawyer. She attended the University of Alberta Law School, and spent her summers working at a law firm in Grande Prairie, Alberta where she acted as an agent for the Federal Crown and for prosecuted traffic court offences. After graduating in 1999, she articled at the firm, was called to the Bar, and was offered a partnership opportunity.

Stacy started off just handling small estate matters. However, as her experience grew she can now comfortably handle large estate issues. Her clients appreciate that she is always direct and gets to the bottom line.

In addition to practicing law, Stacy is past Chair of the Canadian Bar Association . Stacy enjoys giving back to the Edmonton community by presenting free workshops on wills, estates, and real estate issues, teaching bar admission courses, and also enjoys mentoring young lawyers who are just starting out.

Stacy Maurier can help you with the following areas of law:

-Real estate law

-Wills and estates law

If you would like to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Stacy Maurier please call 1 877-788-9477. The law firm office is located at #220, 200 Carnegie Drive, St Albert, Alberta.

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