Soye Brown, LL.B (Honours), B.L.

Legal Education:  University of Calabar, Nigeria

Nigerian Law School, Lagos

Legal Assistant: Chelsie Wandler

What do you do?

I have had the singular privilege of practicing law across 2 oceans, 3 continents and 4 common law countries (Nigeria, Botswana, Marshall Islands and Canada). My passion for law has seen me serve clients as a civil litigator in Nigeria, a corporate and commercial lawyer in Botswana and, recently, a crown prosecutor in the Marshall Islands – a gorgeous, former US territory in the Pacific, located midway between Hawai’i and Australia. And in Canada? Well, when you choose to work at one of the very best family law firms in Vancouver, wouldn’t you ensure that the apple does not fall far from the tree? Of course, I focus on family law and am passionate about striving to give my clients the very best deal in any given situation or case, whether it is divorce/separation, spousal/child support, guardianship of children or division of family property/debt. In addition, I practice civil litigation and Immigration law.

What are your strengths?

The patient empathy that I ceaselessly offer my clients is often founded on the fact that I know where the client is at as well as where she’ll want to be. And my practical, hands-on legal solutions will never cease to be well-researched, cost-effective and satisfying – whether within the context of litigation or an out-of-court resolution of the conflict. Most clients insist that my deep cross-cultural experience has had a profound effect on my ability to both communicate effectively “across the board” and to resolve issues with refreshing innovation. Now, that’s clients’ opinion. But what’s mine? I guess I am one heck of a lawyer who does not relent until a client’s challenge has been resolved to their satisfaction.

Professional memberships

The Law Society of British Columbia

The Canadian Bar Association

The Nigerian Bar Association

Activities outside work

Nightshift Ministries (http://nightshiftministries.org). I volunteer with the organization’s street ministry to serve meals and give out clothes to, and share time and conversation, with our street (not “homeless”) friends. You will be amazed at how educated, smart and polished some of these friends really are!

Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VICRS) (http://www.vircs.bc.ca). In 2010 this non-profit contributed immensely to minimize the stress and hassles of my adventure as a fresh landed immigrant in Victoria. I loved their sacrifice and immediately signed up as a member and volunteered to help in the settlement of other immigrants and refugees seeking a home in my beautiful country. I am still a member and always will be.

Calvary Christian Church (http://www.calvary.ca). A faith-based, non-profit where I unwind with awesome music from a live band every week and volunteer to reach out to the Fraser Heights, Surrey community with love and care. And you bet I love traveling and meeting people with as much passion as I love baking and cooking at home!

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