Rebecca Wilson

From January 2017 until my graduation from the Law Clerk Advanced Fast Track program in April of 2017 I have worked at the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto as a placement student. I have worked on multiple files using the information provided to draft orders, motions, statement of agreed facts and protection orders. I have also drafted many cover letters to clients and their counsel to enclose their various orders from the court. The Children’s Aid Society has allowed me to explore the various steps in a files life, from the preliminary documents to the filing appointment’s as well as closing the file and stripping it.

During October 2014 through December 2014 I worked as an unpaid Paralegal intern at an immigration law firm at Santos and Associates. During my time at Santos and Associates I have developed my legal skills and knowledge of legal procedures in a high paced environment. My responsibility at this firm was to fill out legal applications for clients from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website as set out by the Immigration Board of Canada’s guidelines. I also drafted legal letters regarding client applications and requests to the Immigration Board.

Additionally, I have spoken at seminars during June of 2013, honing my speaking skills in front of large groups of people. During my seminar speaking I answered any questions the audience had in a prompt and concise way, making sure that no information was left out of the topic at hand. Together, the internships and the seminar speaking role I have had prior to graduating Durham College would assist me with the fundamental legal and speaking skills necessary to contribute to a role in the legal field.

During my time at Durham College I have had multiple classes dedicated to learning the process of drafting legal documents, such as letters, retainers, and open file cards. I am able to function well in an environment where knowledge of Microsoft word and excel is required.

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