Nadine MacDonald

Nadine MacDonald

Nadine MacDonald


What do you do at Hart Legal?

I am the paralegal for the entire Calgary office, working with Marc A. Massie and Erin A.L. Townley. I am the first contact for all of our new clients, and I enjoy speaking with clients and reassuring them that we will help them, or referring them to outside help if necessary.

I am currently working on a bachelor’s degree with Athabasca University, and hope to attend law school in the future, where I expect I will stay in family law.

What are your strengths?

I am a caring and warm individual, and I appreciate being able to help people through this difficult time in their lives, and make it a little easier on them.

Activities outside of work:

I enjoy running and hiking with my dog Piper, I’m an avid baker of sweet and savory treats, and I love to cook! You will often find me dancing around my kitchen and singing along to my favourite music while I bake.

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