Niaz Arbabi obtained her B.A from University of British Columbia, majoring in Political Sciences. It was during this time that she solidified her commitment to the study of Canadian legal systems, conflict resolution and dispute resolution.

After finishing her law degree, Ms. Arbabi articled with one of Vancouver’s largest Criminal defence law firms, Myers, Karp, Patey & Allingham Trial Lawyers and went on to become an Associate Lawyer and Notary Public. Ms. Arbabi is currently practicing in the area of family law, dealing with child and spousal support issues, child custody and access issues, as well as cases dealing with divorce, separation and division of property.


Due to practicing criminal law prior to joining Hart Legal, I am a confident advocate and comfortable when in court. I value alternative dispute resolution and prioritize amicable and cost effective methods of reaching results. Promptness and preparation in advance are of my strengths, which have enabled me to achieve positive, consistent results. I am also fluent in Farsi.


I am very passionate about the practice of Family Law, as I truly value and enjoy helping individuals find tactful solutions which would resolve and address their legal issues and concerns. I strongly believe every case is different and every client has special needs and circumstances which require expertise and attention. Thus, I strive to get to know each client and their concerns individually to be able to best assist them with moving towards a solitary resolution specific to their needs.

I actively aim to advocate for clients, with enthusiasm and passion. I believe in being sturdy and tactful, yet I always prioritize straight forward communication and honesty. I seek to competently protect the interest of the clients and to advocate for them in a manner which reflects professionalism and efficiency.


I believe in working and learning alongside other professionals who are passionate about what they do and eager to employ and observe new tactics and new methods towards conflict resolution. Respect and open communication are vital for me and I can confidently say I will offer outer most respect and consideration to any and all legal issues that come my way. If you appreciate the same values, Hart Legal, will be a perfect fit and representative for you, and as a part of this hard working team of professionals, I will do my best to assist you in any way I can.


  • Law Society of British Columbia
  • Canadian Bar Association


Email: [email protected]