I am the Operations and Finance Manager for HART Legal. A big part of my job is ensuring that all of our offices are providing the best legal services to our clients. In order for this to happen, I must look for talented, innovative, and compassionate people to join our growing team. In addition to recruitment, I am responsible for overseeing the firm's finances (including AP, AR, Trust Account, Bank Reconciliations, etc.), facilities and operations, marketing, knowledge management, investor relations, and lots more! I am primarily located in our downtown Vancouver office, however I frequent other offices as well.


I am a very positive person who enjoys conversing with all types of people. I am always able to relate myself into a person’s situation and make a lasting connection with them. This strength has allowed me to connect with fascinating people around the world, from all backgrounds, including, actors/producers, CEO’s, and philanthropists, whom have become great friends and role models in my life.


Motivation in life is huge. Without motivation you won’t succeed, you probably won’t even try what it is you want to achieve. I have multiple motivations in life.

The first being my grandfather. He was a landed immigrant from Lebanon, and moved to Victoria, BC long before my time. He was one of those typical “came with no money, struggling, etc.” situations. He was a wildly successful entrepreneur within the restaurant industry and was a strong advocate within local politics.

Another big motivation for me is the quality of life I foresee for myself in the future. Many people expect things to fall into their lap – granted this works for 1 in 1,000,000,000,000 – but for the most part, you have to “want” to put in the extra hours at work, “want” to run the extra 2 kilometers on your run, “want” to get salad instead of fries at lunch. Everyday, I am faced with multiple situations where I have to make the “better” decision. I always try to make the decision that will allow me to have that quality of life I strive for in the future.


That’s an easy one. Travelling and constantly meeting new people. With my job I have to travel between all our different office locations.  Travelling has given the opportunity to meet people and make great, long lasting connections.


Email: mmurr@hart-legal.com