Anthony received his BA in English Literature from UBC, then went on to receive his law degree, with Honours, from the University of London.


Anthony specializes in the areas of personal injury, estate litigation, and family law, enjoying the challenge of navigating the complex waters of litigation to assist clients.


If you are the victim of someone else’s negligent act or omission, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. Anthony Eden specializes in a variety of areas surrounding negligence, including personal injury law.


Having a loved one pass away is usually the most stressful and emotional time in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, when a person die’s various legal issues consistently arise. Anthony has significant experience in the area of wills and estates litigation, including the following areas:

Challenge or defense of a will

Variance of a will

Resulting or constructive trusts

Administration Issues, including removal of Trustee

Undue influence

Mental capacity

Power of attorney issues

Gift vs. loan


Having a sharp, driven and goal-oriented lawyer is essential to successfully fighting for compensation. Whether dealing with a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, or a slip and fall injury, Anthony has the expertise and tenacity required to effectively advocate for his clients.

Anthony has demonstrated over the course of his career that he is prepared to stand up and fight for his clients in court.

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