Lolita Rudovica, J.D

Legal Education: University of British Columbia
Legal Assistant: Chelsie Wandler

What do you do?

I practice primarily family law, estate law and specialize in driving prohibitions. After 5 years at a litigation firm, I have decided to switch gears and recently joined Hart-Legal. I look forward to helping my clients resolve matters without the necessity of going to court, however due to my experience in the courtroom am not afraid of bringing matters before a Judge.

What are your strengths?

I consider myself a citizen of the world.  I was born and lived in Latvia until I was 8 years old.  At the age of 8, my family and I moved to South Africa where I spent the next 8 of my formative years. When I turned 16 my family and I moved to Canada, which is now my home. I speak fluent Latvian, Russian, English and conversational Afrikaans.  Prior to attending law school, my interest in other cultures and languages led me to minor in Spanish.  It also led me to move to Vanderhoof, British Columbia as a second year articled student to work with and expose myself to First Nations issues. My background enables me to be more understanding of other people’s cultures and viewpoints.  It enables me to express and communicate with others in a manner that is easily understood. Lastly, I consider it a strength that I always strive to be concise and to the point.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about connecting with my clients and ensuring I make their journey navigating through the legal system less stressful and even pleasant.  I enjoy researching legal issues and spending hours solving discrete issues.  At the same time I enjoy attending at court and presenting my case before a Judge as I enjoy public speaking.  Having grown up in countries that did not have decent legal systems in place, and having watched citizens be marginalized by governments, I am generally passionate about the Canadian legal system and being able to use it to help people solve their problems.

Recent Accomplishments:

R. v. S, 2015 BCCA 430

I recently successfully argued an appeal in the BC Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal agreed with me that the trial judge made an unreasonable decision and returned the matter back to provincial court for re-trial.

W v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles), September 11, 2015, BCSC

I recently successfully argued a Judicial Review of a decision of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles in BC Supreme Court. The Judge agreed with me that the decision of the Adjudicator to uphold the driving prohibition was unreasonable and incorrect as the Adjudicator applied the wrong test when considering whether my sleeping client was in care and control of the vehicle.

Interpreter during the Olympics

During the Olympics that were held in Vancouver, I interpreted for the Latvian and Russian Hockey teams which was an enriching as well as fun experience!


Professional and Community Affiliations

Member – Law Society of BC
Member – Canadian Bar Association

Activities Outside of Work:

I enjoy spending time with my dog hiking mountains, surfing and paddle boarding.  When I have more time to spare I love traveling to other countries.  The last place I visited was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; I hope to visit Japan next!

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