Jamie Gough

Executive Assistant to Darren Hart

What do you do?

I am the Executive Assistant to Darren Hart. Part of my job is ensuring our clients are exceptionally well taken care of. I also serve on Hart Legal’s Management Team and am largely involved with strategic planning and business development.

 What are your strengths?

I like creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with people. I am intuitive, thoughtful and am able to relate to others quickly and positively. I am naturally inclined to see the possibilities of a situation or a conflict and thrive on resolving issues. I consider myself a very solution-oriented individual.

Top 5 Strength Finder Results:

Empathy, Relator, Maximizer, Discipline, Positivity

What is your passion?

People and relationships. I like to ensure that client’s expectations are not only met, but consistently exceeded. Although our client’s journey through their conflict is in most circumstances necessary, I feel it can also be a positive experience. We want our services to affect clients on a level that empowers them to realize this conflict can create value in their life – not only with the outcome we obtain, but also in assisting clients to understand and realize their potential and the positive rewards of having gone through the conflict.

 What is the best perk of your career?

Travel. Over the last 6 years I have traveled to London England, Los Angeles, Miami, Banff, Las Vegas and throughout British Columbia. I love experiencing moments in new and exciting places, but also look forward to returning home to spend quality time with my family, my husband and two little boys.


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