Emma Zhang

Emma ZhangEmma is available to answer questions about the HART Legal’s investment opportunity in English or Mandarin. She has investment brochures written in Mandarin.

Emma lives in Vancouver BC but spent most of her life in Shijiahuang, China. Shijiahuang is a city of 2 million people in Hebei province. Emma moved to Canada to study engineering at the University of British Columbia. Since then Emma has invested in various ventures, including real estate, HART Legal, and she also has plans to open an interior design store in downtown Vancouver.

When Emma is not working she enjoys hiking in North Vancouver, exercising at the gym, and going out for hot pot at various Chinese restaurants in Richmond BC. She also regularly flies back to China to work on business deals.

Please contact Emma Zhang if you have any questions about the HART Legal investment opportunity. We are now offering legal franchises in Los Angeles, Toronto, San Diego, and possibly soon Beijing! As locations sell out, the list is constantly updated, so please reach out for up to date opportunities.

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