Darren Hart

Senior Lawyer

Legal Education: University of Victoria
Legal Assistants:  Carly Webb (Victoria)  Chelsie Wandler (Vancouver)
Executive Assistant: Carey Davies


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I’m a trial lawyer who is passionate about finding innovative,
strategic and positive ways to avoid and resolve family conflict.

I recently appeared on America’s Premier Experts, where I was interviewed for my unique and innovative approach to family law.


I’m a quick start who can see beyond the “symptoms” of conflict to the “heart of the issue” that is the true cause of the conflict between the parties. I also see possibilities, not obstacles. This enables me to assist my clients in a way that is often transformational for them, leading to a better future.

As trial counsel, I seek what is fair and just. I do not let archaic legal precedent stop my advocacy and have had great success convincing Judges to color outside the lines and do the right thing on many occasions.


Formulating a business model that has assembled an outstanding team of lawyers, executive managers, and support staff,  all of whom are committed to resolving family conflict in such a way that empowers and inspires our clients.

Persevering in the face of lies and hostility and recovering a stolen inheritance for an estranged son who finally experienced the justice he was due that always seemed so unattainable in the past.

Against all odds, successfully defending a client who was wrongly accused of parental alienation by a determined and punitive ex-spouse with extremely deep pockets and ensuring that the parties’ children’s best interests were protected.

Prosecuting and settling a tragic abuse case for a significant sum of money to address a terrible wrong and provide a hopeful future for the victim.

Racing my 10 year old son around a motocross track without breaking my neck!!!


In a business sense, innovation and the creation of a dynamic work culture that provides a service that is continually improving and evolving for the betterment of our clients and the satisfaction of everyone who works for HART LEGAL.

In a justice sense, I really really really do not like bullies and “bully-like” behaviour. I get energized every time I am called upon to help someone stand up to a bully.

In a personal sense, building strong and healthy relationships with like-minded people who want to change the world.


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Email: dhart@hart-legal.com


Metro Vancouver, Victoria