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Are you looking for a Regina Law Firm? Hart Legal offers family law services out of our downtown Regina office! We are located on the 7th floor of 2010 11th Ave. This is in the RBC building.
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Our Regina Law Firm lawyer Alexander offers the following legal services:

Business Law
Criminal Law
Immigration assistance
Employment Law
Oil and gas Law
Wills and Estate
Real Estate

Hart Legal mainly practices in Family Law. Here are common services that we assist our clients with:

Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship
Asset & Property Division
Child Joint & Sole Custody
Child Support
Cohabitation Agreements
Divorce (Uncontested vs. Contested)
Divorce Filing
Family Conflict Avoidance
Family Services Matters
Family Property Division
Homestead Rights Applications
International Divorce Issues
Parental Alienation
Parenting Time
Postnuptial Agreements
Prenuptial Agreements
Private Adoptions
Restraining Orders
Separation Agreements
Spousal Support

We are devoted to providing you with unparalleled customer service and attention throughout our relationship. We are dedicated to delivering extraordinary results through not only our professional legal services, but with our cutting edge approach to conflict resolution. We work day and night to surpass your expectations as we provide an experience that is not merely transactional, but transformational. We want to be your partner through legal disputes, not just your legal counsel. We’ll work with you to create a strategic, results-focused path to help get the best outcome.

About Our Regina Law Firm

Alexander, Hart Legals’ Regina Criminal lawyer, offers some advice of what not to do if you have been arrested.

  • Speaking or making decisions without speaking to a lawyer first
  • Do not speak to police without a lawyer present or without at least speaking a lawyer first.
  • Don’t speak to police until you understand the evidence they have against you
  • We do not have secret trials in Canada. As a person being investigated by police or another agency, you are entitled to review the evidence that has been collected. Information extremely important in criminal law. If you speak to the police prior to being given access to the details of their investigation, you may say something that is later viewed as dishonest or incorrect. This can destroy your credibility with a judge or jury. You are allowed to be silent, and not to say anything.
  • Don’t ask the police what you should do. In Canada, we have what is called an adversarial system of prosecution. This means there are two sides to a case: you and your lawyer on one side against the state, represented by the police and Crown prosecutors, on the other. The police may not be neutral. Their job is to collect as much evidence as possible to help get you convicted.
  • Don’t destroy evidence, it can help your case! Some people start destroying all records once they find out they are under investigation. Sometimes your phone records, for example, can be very useful in your defence. We use photographs, text messages, and other evidence as applicable to get you out of trouble!

HART Legal is also in the process of opening a new family law, injury claims, and estate disputes firm in Saskatoon. Our Saskatoon family law practice should be up and running by May 2018! If you have any legal questions before that time still contact us as we have lawyers available.

Our Regina Law Firm can help you immigrate to Canada. If you would like to have one of our Regina immigration lawyers help you with your application, please book your

consultation today by calling 844-618-8080 

Here is some information that can be found on the Saskatchewan government website regarding immigration. There are three steps to the nomination process:

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI) submission to the SINP;
  2. EOI Selection and Invitation to Submit an Application; and
  3. Nomination.

The Expression of Interest (EOI)

The EOI is not an application; it is an expression of your interest in the SINP. Prospective immigrants will indicate their interest in operating a business and living in Saskatchewan by providing required information about their entrepreneurial experience, assets, and Business Establishment Plan (BEP), among other factors.

  1. Candidates who meet the minimum entry criteria will be accepted into the EOI candidate pool.
  2. Once submitted, EOIs are scored and ranked using the Points Grid.

Before You Submit Your EOI

Note the following important information, before you submit your EOI:

  • To submit an EOI to the SINP, you must:
    • Meet the minimum entry criteria; and
    • Complete the Points Assessment Grid in order to be scored once your EOI is in the pool of candidates.
  • To meet the minimum entry criteria you must:
    • Have $500,000 (CAD) at minimum in Net Business and Personal Assets;
    • Have a minimum of three years of relevant business management or entrepreneurial experience gained in the past ten years; and,
    • Intend to invest a minimum of $300,000 (CAD) in Regina and Saskatoon or a minimum of $200,000 (CAD) in all other Saskatchewan communities.
  • Please note that the SINP reserves the right to have Business Establishment Plans assessed by professional third parties identified by the Government of Saskatchewan. The assessment conducted by Third Parties will focus on the preparation and due diligence conducted by the applicant in preparing their proposed business plan.

Who cannot use the Entrepreneur Category?

The following are not eligible to apply to the Entrepreneur Category:

  • Refugee claimants in Canada who are claiming refugee status from the Government of Canada.
  • People living illegally in their country of residence or Canada.
  • Persons who have had a removal order issued against them by the Canada Border Services Agency.
  • People who are prohibited from entering Canada.

You may not be eligible for immigration to Canada if any of the following situations is true:

  • You or any dependent family member (accompanying or not) has a serious medical condition.
  • You or any dependent family member over the age of 18 (accompanying or not) has a criminal record.
  • You have unresolved custody or child support disputes affecting any member of your family.
  • You have intentionally misrepresented yourself in the application.

Here are some interesting facts regarding Regina SK:

-98.1% of Regina speaks English.

-Regina has the 7th highest aboriginal population (15,000 people) in Canada.

-The record low ever recorded was in 1885 (-50 C).

-In 1912 a massive cyclone damaged most of Regina.

-Regina is the 2nd largest city in Saskatchewan.

-Regina use to be part of the Northwest Territories.

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