Wills and Estates lawyer in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia

Anthony Eden, Lawyer

Anthony Eden, Wills and Estates lawyer

Hart Legal is working in the area of wills and estates law in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. If you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer, please contact us at 1-844-695-2875 or via our contact page.

Having a loved one pass away is can be one of the most stressful and emotional times in your life. When a person dies various legal issues can arise Hart Legal has significant experience in the area of wills and estates litigation, including the following areas:

    Challenge or defense of a will
    Variance of a will
    Resulting or constructive trusts
    Administration Issues, including removal of Trustee
    Undue influence
    Mental capacity
    Power of attorney issues
    Gift vs. loan

Case History

Terezakis v. Ekins,  2018 BCSC 249
McCarthy v. McCarthy,  2017 BCSC 1047
Ciarniello v. James,  2015 BCSC 2148
Ciarniello v. James,  2016 BCSC 1699
Sharma v. Sharma Estate,  2016 BCSC 1397
Tomlinson Estate (Re),  2016 BCSC 1223
George v. Doe,  2015 BCSC 442
Korpa v. Co-operators Life Insurance Company,  2014 BCSC 2246

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