Ways to Communicate with your Family Law Attorney

Ways to Communicate with your Family Law Attorney

Going through a divorce, or any legal proceeding, is very stressful and can be emotional. By retaining an attorney, you have agreed to have a third party handle all day-to-day workings of your case. However, what most people do not understand is that in order for an attorney to do his/her job well, we must know all relevant information, and sometimes information you may not think is relevant, but we know will influence your case. That is why communicating with your attorney is imperative.

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Most bar complaints against attorneys is because they do not keep the client updated regarding the case, or do not return phone calls or emails promptly, or sometimes at all. That is why we try to respond the day a client calls or emails, or at worst within 24 business hours of receiving a communication from our client.

However, when you sign a retainer agreement we expect the same courtesy when responding to our communications. As the attorney, we can only proceed with work when you have authorized us to do so, and especially in family law a client is an essential part to responding to motions. We will need a declaration from our client to support the facts stated in our motion, we will also need documents signed if we are requesting money from the other party.


Build trust.

Besides needing signatures, we also need to establish a trusting relationship with our clients. A relationship where the client feels comfortable calling to ask ANY question, or telling us anything. Your communication with your attorney is confidential, therefore, it does not help your case to hide anything.

That is why, here at Hart Legal we want you to know that you can trust us from the very first consultation. We want to know the details of your ex’s behavior, how he/she reacts to bad news, and to get an understanding of what you really want.

Here at Hart Legal we will call you back within 24 business hours or answer your email in the same amount of time. We pride ourselves on putting our clients first, and in return all we ask is that you respond to us. Please contact our office to see the difference a Hart Legal attorney can make in your case. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Newport Beach, Malibu, Anaheim, and now San Diego. Also, ask about our newly establish flat fee schedule.