Your Marriage Is A Battlefield?

Your Marriage Is A Battlefield?

Your home situation is unhappy, and getting worse. “Date night” has become fight night, and counselling a competition for the counsellor’s endorsement of yours/or his/or her point of view. Your marriage is a battlefield and you are taking no prisoners. Except yourself, and for many of you, your children.

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It’s not that you haven’t considered getting legal advice – at this stage, of course it has crossed your mind. The alternative, to “wait for the end of time to hurry up and arrive” has lost its lustre and you fail to see any ongoing benefit to exposing yourself and your children to the emotional morass which has become substituted for the peaceful and enjoyable haven you once reliably found when safely ensconced within the four walls of your home. But… there is the rub. How will you continue to keep a roof over your head? On top of everything else, with the partnership you had intended to last a lifetime ending far short of that, and for many of you, your children now contending with the emotional fallout of that reality, now you must worry about the consequences of separating your financial future and the prospect of hiring lawyers seems overwhelming, perhaps unachievable. Particularly if you are the partner who earned, or owned, less during your marriage or common law relationship.

Or, you have already thrown your hands up and walked away. Together the two of you sat down at the kitchen table and made your way through a Separation Agreement you downloaded from the internet, filling in the blanks as you went. And you were so committed to ending the relationship that you agreed to something that you should not have. And now, because you did so, you believe you do not have the money to press for something a little more just.

All is not lost. You may have the ability to ask your partner to contribute toward the cost of settling, or litigating, legal issues around the division of property, and provision of support to yourself, and where applicable to your children. Section 89 of the Family Law Act was crafted with people just like yourself in mind.   Where the legal test is met, a court can order your estranged partner to pay for your lawyer ‘up front’, with final responsibilities for legal fees to be confirmed once everything is settled.

At HART Legal we understand that divorce, or dissolution of a relationship, is profoundly life changing and for many people very traumatic. Where you have children or property together, it can also be very complicated. We encourage you to consider instructing one of our team of family law specialists to step into the breach for you to deal with those issues, and very possibly, a way to remove some or all of the financial pressure inherent to the exercise, freeing you to focus your energies upon rebuilding your life.

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